Information about Spinweld Fittings :

Most polyethylene Spin Weld Fittings are considered Stock Items. All Spin Weld Fittings can be molded in Polypropylene with 30 Days Lead Time. All Spin Weld Fittings can be molded in Black or any other colors. We request 30 days lead time for special colors. We will mold Special Designed Spin Weld Fittings upon request. Parts can be purchased for Prototype projects at the same price as Carton Price. After prototype work is completed, there is a 50% up-charge on less than Carton quantity. Drive tools for part numbers 73 through 53M, 84 through 83, 50 through 70, #375 & #350 and all the blind inserts have 1/4'' shank. All the rest have 1/2'' shanks.

Please note the following definitions corresponding to Part Numbers for Spin Weld Fittings:

HD - Heavy Duty - Increased Wall Thickness (Industrial Applications)
S - Super Thickness
B - Black
C - Color Tint (Blue).
M - Membrane
DT - Double-ended Thread.

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