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The Plasclip is an easy-to-fit, cost effective, high strength multi-functional plastic fastener, that allows you to cover a vast range of applications. A must for all tool kits. Suited to applications in the following industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Food, Medical, Marine, Industrial Manufacturing, Ventilation, Irrigation.

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Key features and benefits: 

One size fits all & Reusable.
Easier to fit than existing hose clips, no need to remove the hose to fit the clip, simply wrap it around the hose and connect the worm.
Larger jobs can be covered by joining one or more together.
Rust & corrosion free.
A large range of colours allows for easy identification.
Non magnetic, no electrical interference or conductivity. Essential when working in flammable environments.
Reduced weight compared to traditional metal hose clips.
Can be used to clamp on square features and irregular shapes.
More than just a hose clip & far more flexible. Ideal for plumbers and repair workers who have to tackle unforeseen problems.
Temperature range from-40 degrees celsius to +100 degrees celsius.
Design means four teeth in contact maximising strength.
The head of the worm is designed to shear off if over tightened, this ensures maximum clamping force is maintained. This feature also allows the plasclip to be used as a security device.


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