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Plastic Pipe Hangers

AIMS stocks and distributes the high tech Clic/Strutcatcher support and hanging system. Made of Nylon 12 Grilamid, the Clic is a simple, versatile and labor cost saving device which will support and/or hang a wide variety of pipes, cables, wires and conduits. Corrosion resistant, non magnetic and engineered for both indoors and outdoors applications. Ideal for electrical and plumbing applications, as well as in telecommunications for wire management.

CLIC is an auto-locking support and hanger system with cable and wire management capabilities that is used in many areas of the construction industry. From telephone operating companies, to water and waste treatment plants, to semi-conductor and ultra pure piping systems, CLIC and Strutcatcher covers construction.

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Strutcatcher-2 Spec Sheet - Download  


Rings offered in 5 sizes, 3/4" through 2". see brochures for details.

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Strutcatcher [original] LT109.

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Smaller original clic unit .295" through 2" Large clic unit 2 1/2" through 4" with double racheted locking system.

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Stainless steel accessories to be used with Clic units.

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